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A global survey of 1000+ leaders that have adopted or consider adopting low-code/no-code

Digital transformation is high on the agenda of many companies today, and adopting new technologies to automate processes is a key part of the roadmap. However, limited resources, technical debt, risk and change management are often significant hurdles to address.

Research has shown that low-code/no-code can be a game-changer by putting technology to automate processes and design applications directly into the hands of those who know their processes best: business users. Beyond escaping the initial IT constraints, low-code/no-code technologies place tools in the hands of the business users who are best able to identify and enable process improvements and innovations and continue to adapt them over time. The current shortage of software developers has left up to 1.7 billion knowledge workers seeking a way to automate their processes.

Not only can low-code/no-code tools reduce the demands on IT departments, but they can also drive digital transformation and enable process automation.

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