The LowCodify RAD Framework

Is your business challenged by a lack of technical resource, an inability to set the right business priorities and long implementation cycles?

  • Lack of technical resources, tools and process gaps
  • Inability to prioritise new features and processes to challenge competitors
  • Lack of knowledge to run multiple processes and application development projects using industry best practices
  • Inability to make rapid changes around new workflows
  • Lack of agility to respond to new regulatory requirements
  • Long implementation cycles to develop and deploy new features or solutions

The LowCodify Rapid Application Development (RAD) Framework meets the challenges above. Using pre-engineered modules and pre-defined workflows, we ensure all the benefits of accelerated development and exceptional quality products, while you run your business as usual. 

RAD Strategy – We believe in ‘Speed to Value’ and getting it right the first time. With re-usable templates, the RAD Framework enables us to use demos that validate our understanding and approach, provide a visualisation of where you want your business to be and demonstrate how we can use Low-Code to achieve your goals.

App Roadmap – Through Demo based visualisation, our tools will evaluate your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), business processes and applications. Our App Roadmap allows you to see exactly how we help you achieve the highest Return on Investment (RoI) for your business.

Acceleration and the reusable RAD Framework – Low-Code’s prebuilt components, connectors and accelerators allow us to tailor solutions exactly to your requirements. We deliver faster results, with an accelerated speed to market, while delivering inbuilt scalability, security and compliance to industry standards.


We have built a unique, repeatable, agile, delivery methodology with frequent “Show and Tell” sessions. We ensure strong competitive advantage while understanding the underlining infrastructure, driving strong business value. We bring management insight for effective decision making by helping you understand your current eco system and its limitations. We gain a thorough understanding of your requirements, the systems, the processes and the business, and we assess the competitive landscape and your business needs.


We use re-usable templates to build demos to help you visualise your deliverables, and define the post implementation business benefits and Agile methodologies to build iterative workflows that optimise your processes, delivering rapid, tested, cost-effective functionality. For integration we use Marketplace, Connector ecosystem and our ESB, Microservice and CI/CD  cutting down development time significantly. Our data visualisation tools will bring management insight to make effective business decisions with the new integrated ecosystem.

We believe in creating Citizen developers – the LowCodify team will train you and support you throughout the process, so you can take over implementing complex workflows and promote application development with your own staff. The RAD Framework is designed to reduce your dependency on us. 

And the best part is we can do this again and again as part of a collaborative, iterative process, bringing seamless, fast, secure, innovative solutions to your business. The RAD Framework will evolve complex, multiple application development programs into simple, modular work units, enabling you to build high quality customer facing (CX) apps, fast.